Scorched-Earth Politics: Bernie Sanders and the Dishonest Campaign that Gave Us Trump

This is a good read, and articulates the problems I have had with the “Bernie or Bust” mentality. While complaining about the established Democratic party, he attempted to hijack it because he was unwilling to do the work to move the mountain he would have needed to shift to run as a Progressive. Even after losing the nomination (and yes, shady DNC and all, he lost it), his Bitter Betty half-hearted endorsement was the damning with faint praise that kept his faithful tied to his toga. With all the negativity in his campaign against Hillary Clinton, it would have taken a sincere and transformative effort to create a coalition to keep the Presidency out of reach of one of the most reprehensible human beings ever to disgrace American politics. Instead, Bernie basically kept running, and his lip service to support was “meh” at best. “Bernie or Bust” resulted in an epic, monumental bust. Some folks will keep blaming it all on Hillary (because some folks will always blame Hillary), but I am not a Bernie acolyte, and never shall be.


“Let me just make a brief comment. Be happy to take a few questions, but we don’t have an endless amount of time. I’ve got to get back.”

Source: Scorched-Earth Politics: Bernie Sanders and the Dishonest Campaign that Gave Us Trump

Donald Trump Needs To Not Be President Yesterday

We’re done with the ‘take what we can get’ phase of Donald Trump’s administration. It’s time for the ‘he’s a disaster and needs to go’ phase.

Source: Donald Trump Needs To Not Be President Yesterday

What Happens Next: A Gallimaufry | you antifa guys are actually more hateful and…

This is a very sobering read, and an object lesson in the arrogant folly of false equivalence. One of these things is not like the other.